Whether you're already playing with an improv group and want to get better, or are interested in trying it for the first time, Laura Hall provides unique classes for musicians.

The role of the Musical Director in improv is often misunderstood. Most people have no idea what we actually do, or how much the music can shape an improv show. Improv Musical Directors are in high demand. There are always lots of improv actors, and very few of us!

Laura draws from her years of experience to take you through all the elements of playing for live improv shows; creating your own improvised songs, working with singers, underscoring scenes, the ins and outs of an improv show, and lots more.

As the improvisational pianist on the long-running hit television show, “Whose Line is it Anyway”, Laura Hall is probably the best known improv Musical Director in the world. Laura got her start in improv working at The Second City, iO, and Annoyance Theaters in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Besides doing all 17 seasons of the American "Whose Line", Laura has played thousands of live improv shows. She has taught and performed musical improv all over the world with hundreds of different groups.

Laura realized that there's lots of instruction for improv singers, but very little for improv musicians. So she co-wrote a book, "The Improv Comedy Musician: The Ultimate Guide to Playing with an Improv Group". When students started asking for more, she chose online teaching as a way to help them go further into the fascinating, creative world of music in improv comedy.

Watch this video to learn more!

I really wanted to create an online class to teach musicians how to become musical directors for improv, but never seemed to have the time. Then along came the pandemic, and I realized it was the perfect time! I recorded these master classes in my home studio. Once I got started, I realized I've got so much to share about this subject, so I had to do it in two parts. Watch the video to see what's here in Part 1, Part 2 will be available in 2022. I'm so excited to share all that I've learned about playing for improv with you!

"Laura Hall is a damn fine musician, period. With Laura you get experience, knowledge, and a teacher you can trust."

-Colin Mochrie

"Laura's depth and breadth of experience and her background in improv is more than evident.

The key to our "Whose Line" gig is really understanding the role music plays in the show, and Laura is the queen of that skill."

-Linda Taylor, guitarist on
"Whose Line is it Anyway"

"I'm a Laura Hall-ic"
-Chip Esten